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Here is what you will learn:
  • ​A simple, fast and affordable solution to manage all your inventory in one location! Yes it IS possible!
  • ​Exactly how to download inventory from Amazon, and populate to other marketplaces (like - without creating new listings!
  • ​The 1 SECRET Formula to win with selling on Walmart and 2 Day Shipping.
  • ​Do you have clothing returns that you cannot process? Let us show you a platform that you can sell your clothing returns!

Monthly Live Webinar

How to scale your business with selling clothing on Amazon and Multi Channels. Helping you to navigate seasonal clothing changes and find whats hot for the current season. This strategy alone can make you thousands each year in profits. 

Value: $397

Group Coaching

Learn from your mentors in Live Group Coaching. Ask your questions and get personalized help.

Value: $497


How to create shopping list and give out to your shoppers. This strategy will increase your business with others shopping for you and adding to your inventory.

Value: $97

WhatsApp Group

Ask questions and network 24/7 with other like minded sellers on strategies that are working now and maximize your online selling profits with selling clothing and creating systems...

Value: $247

Best Business Systems

Systems are critical to your FBA Business Success. RA provides flexibility of time, money and location, however without systems it can be like a job. 

Value: $297

Know Whats Next

Learn how to stay on top of all the fashion changes for each season... Spring Clothing, Summer Clothing, back to School Clothing. Also learn about off season items that didn't sell during the season... Massive profits lay hidden in this information. 

Value: (Priceless)

Pricing Strategies

Learn how to tackle listing price fluctuations and have confidence in your buying decisions.

Value: $97


Till 18th June

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($297 charge once, then every 3 months. You can cancel at anytime.)

What People Are Saying:

“I applied for Walmart in April and had my first sale in June. I signed up with Multi-Channel group in July and that was great in helping me integrate Amazon, Ebay and Walmart through Ecomdash. With this integration, I was able to easily post between platforms and within my first 45 days of selling on Walmart, I had slightly over 100 sales! Could not have done it this easily without that help!”

T Dodge

“Thank you for your time & sharing personal processes with all of us... Lance & Barrington, thank you for arranging these incredible Guest Speakers to share this invaluable information”

M. Vegors

“I have paid for so many course and paid groups. This is the best info! Thank you so much for providing such quality content at a reasonable cost, Barrington, Lance & Robert!” 


“Coming out of Q4 I knew I needed to add something to my business to keep increasing sales and add new consistent replen items that I could buy over and over again. Especially as I had just lost a few of my main consistent sellers. When I heard Barrington and Lance talk about the clothing group I knew I had to jump in. I learned so much right away on how the leaders found these products, how they kept track of them on a spreadsheet with formulas to tell you how many more to buy on a weekly basis, and how to set up employees to make all of this a streamlined process. I knew the spreadsheet alone was worth joining the group as I began to utilize it for my entire business. Everything I was learning not only helped maximize selling clothing but my entire business. My sales numbers have increased about $5,000 - $6,000 each month since I joined at the beginning of the year and sales went from $32,000 in Feb to $54,000 in June! They provide so much content with incredible webinars with learning how to create new listings with keywords and how to find new wholesalers, as well as constant communication in the whatsapp group! I would definitely recommend this group if you are just starting out or if you are looking for something to take your business to the next level!”

C Martin

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Meet Your Expert Instructor

Michal Chapnick

Michal is a mom of two who took her eCom lifestyle to the next level to have the flexiblity to spend more time with her family. She sells on Amazon, Amazon Canada, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify. She shares her sourcing strategies with others, and is dedicated to helping others grow their eCom businesses through increased sales through the use of multiple platforms.

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